Ultimate WordPress Ping List

What in the world is a Ping List?

Ok, here’s the skinny.

When you ping a service through your self hosted WordPress blog on your Ping List, you tell the world that your site, feed (RSS) or podcast has been updated.

Why should you care? More Traffic.

My list is a compilation of Brian Jackson’s WordPress Ping List and a few others from various sources.

Ping List














To change your Ping List in your wordpress site, follow the steps below.

-Login to your WordPress Site.

-Copy my Ping List Above

-Click on Settings



-Then Click on Writing

Wordpress Writing




-Then cut and paste my list above and cut and paste


Ping List Shot

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below.

Mark Archer

Mark Archer is an active blogger, former Navy Pilot, marketing consultant and SEO specialist and well-respected in the real estate industry for his marketing tactics. He is an owner of a digital agency and is currently using Facebook ads to get mega results for his clients.

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