Happy Birthday, America

Dear USA.

Happy Birthday America.

I’ve been around the world twice. I’ve seen war and I’ve seen peace. You are not perfect and neither am I.

Take care of our veterans. Give a raise to our teachers. Buy a cop a cup of coffee. The world is big and there are many beautiful places, but with your blue lakes and your sandy shorelines, I’ll always have a soft spot for you.

Your business and innovation continues to amaze. And you have the best universities in the world.

You are’t going to save the planet and you aren’t going to create world peace, but if a friend calls you for help, you will be the first in line to open your wallet and lend a hand.

They’ll burn your flag and call you names. They’ll lie and steal from you. But if they bet against you, they’ll lose.

Happy Birthday, America.

It is going to be a great year.

The Art of Frame Control

Oren Kraft (@pitchanything on Instagram) calls this concept frame control.

The idea of the book Pitch Anything is that you can use modern psychology (which Oren has spent thousands of hours studying) to pitch your product or service and close the sale by using the basic conditions of human psychology.

Frame Control

All negotiations start and begin with frame controls.

Example: A power frame is when a powerful manager, boss or venture capitalist interrupts your pitch and flow to get to the bottom line.  We’ve all been in this situation and most of us have not been properly trained to handle this situation.

I highly recommend this book if you want to grow, and scale your business.

One of the main precepts of frame control is that you’re the prize.

Basically, They Need You More Than You Need them.

Every day we have an opportunity to improve our skillsets, and get better, healthier and richer.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


followers on instagram

1,000 Followers on Insta

They say earning the first million dollars is the hardest.

Why is that?

Because we are learning and failing falling forward.

I started putting energy into instagram only a few weeks ago.

Those weeks have been such a huge learning curve-
-I had to pick my content. I had to find the right niche.
-I had to learn the tools to make the process
-I had to learn about hashtags that aren’t too spammy.
-So on this day as I go over 1,000 followers I say thank you for trusting me.
-I promise to place value to our tribe.

I’m still learning, but the one thing, is that I guarantee you the second and third thousand followers will be much easier.