Happy Birthday, America

Dear USA.

Happy Birthday America.

I’ve been around the world twice. I’ve seen war and I’ve seen peace. You are not perfect and neither am I.

Take care of our veterans. Give a raise to our teachers. Buy a cop a cup of coffee. The world is big and there are many beautiful places, but with your blue lakes and your sandy shorelines, I’ll always have a soft spot for you.

Your business and innovation continues to amaze. And you have the best universities in the world.

You are’t going to save the planet and you aren’t going to create world peace, but if a friend calls you for help, you will be the first in line to open your wallet and lend a hand.

They’ll burn your flag and call you names. They’ll lie and steal from you. But if they bet against you, they’ll lose.

Happy Birthday, America.

It is going to be a great year.

niche down

Niche Down….Then Level Up

Niche Down

When Apple first got started in 1976, Steve Jobs and Woz knew that their company had to Focus.

They started with the Apple computer, and then moved into printers.

My point is they went very deep in the computer space Before they moved into other verticals (ipods, iphones, tablets, etc)

So many times, we see young entrepeneurs moving into various directions.

I was guilty of this a few years ago.

I started in real estate and was working with investors, VA buyers and my own portfolio. It wasn’t until I started studying marketing with Seth Godin, T. Harv Eker and Gary Vee did I realize my true passion.

Our Newest Partner – Digital Marketer

Friends, family, clients and colleagues:

The digital space is evolving, but you don’t have time to follow the latest trends.

Smart business owners understand leverage and smart owners leverage other people’s marketing data and tactics.

We want you to stick to what you do best. Run and Manage your business.

As your trusted consultants, let us handle the digital stuff.


MarkArcher.com has partnered with some of the best partners in the business. Digital Marketer

I’ve known Digital Marketer co-founder, Ryan Deiss for awhile (well, not personally) but I was following him when he was selling information products online.

In fact, I still remember the day his partner, Perry Belcher announced his retirement  into the world of consulting.

Now, he and Perry have co-founded one of the most respected digital marketing training companies around.

I’m upgrading all of the certificates so you can be confident that you are working with only professionals.

Additionally, any junior consultants that is on Mark’s staff will be certified.

It is one more way to guarantee results for our clients.

Contact us here to see if we can help you or your business.

Digital Marketer